Sunday, November 14, 2010

not going to be getting much sleep tonight

I'd love to be able to curl up on the couch and "yak" the night away with my mom because I'm sure she's not going to be sleeping much tonight either. Tomorrow morning at 6am she checks into the hospital with her open heart surgery scheduled for 7am. I know things never go as planned as far as times and schedules, but I'm on the sidelines for this one 15 hours away. My dad will be there with her and I know she's in good hands but I'll still be waiting on pins and needles all day while I await phone calls updating me on her condition. I am so glad she'll have friends and family with her, but those of us that are far away will be right there with her in our hearts!

UPDATE I just got the call I've been waiting on and things went well with her surgery. they did 5 bi-passes and have thus far been able to keep her kidney's a huge sigh of relief and now begins the recovery for her.

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MidGaPeach said...

ooooh. you are in my thoughts and prayers! i know it is very difficult to "hurry up and wait." May you have some peace today.