Friday, May 13, 2011

There's such a great handmade community out there if you look

I'm honored to include my business among the other great handmade businesses out there.

I thought I would take a minute today to share a few of my handmade purchases with you.

In my purse you'll find 2 Pleated Poppy tiny pouches {one for business, the other for personal}. My Gussy tiny zippered pouch which holds a few small essentials like lipgloss, handcream, etc. My planner from Much Ado About You.

Also one of my favorite shops for handmade fabrics and supplies
is the old world quilt shoppe, I don't get a chance to pop in there and shop very often but every time I do I realize what treat it is just walking in the door. If you lucky enough to be in the Phoenix area it's a must see kinda place...