Monday, November 8, 2010

{Menu Monday}

Putting together the menu and grocery list for this week
{Monday} - Baked potato and Salad Bars [mackenzie]
{Tuesday} - Chinese pork and noodles [sam]
{Wednesday} - Canneloni al Forno [hubb's]
{Thursday} - Fettucine Alfredo [thomas]
{Friday} - Tagliatelle with smoked salmon [my choice]
{Saturday} - Smoked trout cannelloni [hubb's choice]
{Sunday} - Mickey mouse waffles and bacon...[easy night]

It's been an interesting way to choose meals and it seems to be working, we've broken the chain of having spaghetti and taco's as a staple to our diet. Although it appears my family has a thing for pasta.

What's on your menu this week? Cooking up anything special?
I'm hoping to make cupcakes this afternoon with my daughter, she was asking to make them this weekend.

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