Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{the shimmer of hope}

I woke up this morning and got Lee's {my hubb's for those who don't know} Chai made. This is a daily thing, he's a starbucks chai tea latte junkie, so I buy the Chai concentrate and make him a chai tea every morning. Once he headed out the door, I kicked back with my cup of coffee to plan out my day. I'm sooo busy that I need a {plan}, well not really but I'm a list maker, it's just who I am. I'm a bit of a paper addict so calendars, planners, lists of all sorts are my thing.
{1} on my list was to light a few candles. The suns not up yet so the glimmer of the candle light just shimmers with hope.
{2} on my list was to get the orders for today printed, sorted and set up on the cut sheet.
{3} on my list was to put together a short chore list for each of my kids, it's another staff development day for their school, so they'll be working for me a bit today.
{4} on my list is to take a moment and enjoy the candles, the coffee, {the paper, I love the feel of the paper in my planner}...and really realize how very lucky I am. I started circlelinestudio in September of 2008 and each day I wake up excited at the prospect of what it will bring.

what pretty things are making you hopeful today?

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MidGaPeach said...

well, my oldest is 6 today! when i looked in his eyes this morning and told him "happy birthday," i saw all the hope, and promise, and love a mother could want!

(and I love Starbucks chai teas too)