Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning to Sew.

This weekend my daughter decided she'd like to learn to sew. Which may sound like a fabulous idea....if only I knew how to sew well. But heck, where there's a will there's a way {right}. This weekend as her first project she made me a cute little fabric pouch for my blackberry..I mean {how cute is that!}

Then today while I was at walmart I came across a pillow case kit on clearance that I thought might be fun. It looked easy enough. I thought it would be a great beginner project.

Once she got home from school and got all her homework out of the way she got started on her project...{let me tell it wasn't nearly as easy I had envisioned}

But after reading the instructions 52 times, and ripping out the threads for her because I told her to pin it together {wrong} I'm still not entirely convinced I figured out how it was supposed to go together, that last step got really confusing{shh please don't tell her though, she's convince I know what I'm doing}...and it's finished and she's a happy, proud little girl...and I'm one tired mama!

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