Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's spring break and I swear we're all over the place.

It's spring break which normally means my kids are home and we're doing some fun family stuff. But this year, my kids are out of school and it's been a bit crazy around here.

My oldest son has been working with one of his teacher's in the shop and is building a night stand for his room. They built the mock up version yesterday. {see below in the blurry phone photo}

He has a DIY project due after spring break which will involve him building an entire living room set in a similar manner. This table will be good practice and learning how to use the cool equipment in the school shop has been great.
My middle child, Tommy has been sick since spring break started. After a dr. visit today, we found out he's got pneumonia. So he's had an IV and some heavy duty meds. and we'll go back in tomorrow to see how his breathing is. If it hasn't improved, he'll be checked into the hospital. So much for his fun spring break.

Then there's my daughter, just kicked back and taking it all in stride. We had alot of plans for the break which unfortunately, because of Tommy being sick, Sam busy with school, my hubby facing work deadlines, just aren't gonna happen. So rather then complain she's set herself up out back to catch some rays and read a good book.

.....and in between that I'm working on my to do list. I've got so many idea's floating around, it's just a matter of getting it all into production. I hope to have the prototypes ready to unveil shortly.

So tell me what do you when life hands you a great big bowl of crazy?

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