Monday, April 25, 2011

Bringing a new monogram series into the shop

It's been a busy spring break. Filled with chasing, errands, sick kids, school activities, work projects, home projects, yard projects and on and on...but I did manage to get started on the new monogram series for the shop.

I've got a few more coming soon.

We also did a bit of work out on the back porch over the weekend.

We picked up a pretty purple hanging basket. {Love the color}

We also picked up some colorful daisies! {My favorite}

Spring break didn't go exactly as planned but we did manage to squeeze in some time to float in the pool. I loved having a bit of time to kick back on a float with a good book and just relax with the kids. Tommy missed out on this but I'm sure he'll make up for it this summer.

Are you getting your house all set for spring and summer?

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MidGaPeach said...

oooo! love the new monograms!