Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY Mouse Pad

Today my daughter and I ran a few things up to my hubby at work and there on his desk was an old 2006 calendar mouse pad from some random company {you know the type}.

I had asked a couple weeks ago if he had one so that my daughter could use it with her laptop on the livingroom coffee table rather then using an old magazine. Anyway he handed it to my daughter, which in turn got him the typical 9 year old eye roll that you’d expect at this spectacular gift. As we walked out she looked at me and said “mom, it’s ugly, I think I’ll just keep using the magazine.”

So errands finished we headed home where I asked her to dig through her fabric stash and find something that she’d like as a mouse pad.

I grabbed the fabric she picked, set up the ironing board, grabbed the fabric heat and bond sheets {can’t think of the real name} and set to work. I worked away for all of about 2 minutes and presented her with her new mouse pad…

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