Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's decision time

I'm makin' my lists for the holidays
decorations - check
gifts - I'm making progress...but everything that needs to be shipped is done
Christmas cards - check
Menu planning for the holidays.....this is where it gets really tough around here

dinner Christmsas Eve...lasagna or takeout pizza
Christmas breakfast...cinnabon cinnamon rolls or yummy homemade baked egg casserole
Christmas lunch is easy....appetizer plates
Christmas dinner...turkey, stuffing, potatoes or crab legs, baked potatoes and salad
New Year's Eve...this one's easy Fondue!
New Year's Day...Ham and scallop potatoes

I need to make some decisions pretty soon, I think I'll have to talk it over with my hubb's and the kids and get their vote.

What do you have planned for your holiday dinners? Any MUST have items it just wouldn't be Christmas without?

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