Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's been a busy Saturday around here

I helped my daughter with a sewing project. We thought and thought about what she could sew and finally came up with Christmas stockings. She's new to sewing, she's made a few small pouches for the family cell phones and Ipod' well as a pillow case for her room. It turned into a fun shopping trip where she picked out some fabulous colored fat quarters. This morning, I googled stocking templates online, only to find once I printed them they were too small, so I drew a template on a piece of cardboard and we cut the fabric out with that as the pattern. After a bit of flipping fabrics around I managed to get the pieces laid out for her to stitch together. I haven't done alot of sewing myself so getting all the layers in order is really much more complicated then it seems!

As these projects continue we're having a great time as she learns to sew! I'm so proud of her and the fact the she loves to learn new things.

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