Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As we closed out 2010 I realized how much I appreciate the fact that this year I spent some time organizing my business. I implemented a file system for orders, receipts, and I did my books weekly with quickbooks. Honestly, last year at this time, I opened the bottom drawer of my china hutch to find an entire drawer FULL of receipts {running a business accumulates A LOT of paper}only to realize I needed to print a years worth of orders before I could do my books and have them ready to be used for taxes.
I spent this morning working on my calendar and replacing my file folders and moving the 2010 folders into their storage box. Now that the file folders have been replaced, it just looks so fresh and clean!

All the files from 2010 have been neatly tucked away!

Continuing on with my plans for 2011, I just ordered a business card design from Danielle {TheDesignGirl}. I'm so excited to get the design and place my order. I'm just about out of my old cards so it's fun to replace them with a fresh new design.

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