Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This week is spirit week for my daughter

It's Nevada Reading week and in celebration her school is having spirit days all week {you know what I'm talkin' about crazy hair day, crazy sock day, etc.} Well today was rock your tshirt day - kids were supposed to wear a tshirt that represented their favorite band. So last week in preperation for spirit week we hit all the local shops for a kid size {rockin' band} tshirt only to come home completely empty handed. {okay during our massive search of us we did come across some justin beiber tshirts - those however got the 9 year old eye roll along with DON'T.EVEN.SUGGEST.IT.MOM. look}. But.... there was no way we were gonna let that deter our plans, so one morning sitting at the bus stop waiting on the bus Mackenzie and I brainstormed a custom tshirt idea based on the song Boom Boom Pow by the black eyed peas...the bus came and I headed home to do a rough draft of the tshirt layout.

by the time Mackenzie was home from school I had a rough draft put together...then it was just a matter of finalizing the idea.

in our final design I had to google 808 to make sure it was okay for school....did you know it's a police code for a noise disturbance???

Tuesday I printed up the shirt and she was ready to rock her shirt for spirit day.

Tomorrow is crazy hair day so she'll be sporting a pink 'do.

do you have school age kids that participate in spirit week at school? what fun projects/styles have they rocked in support of spirit week?


Motherly said...


I love it! So creative and cute!!!

Anna from Motherly Law

Motherly said...

Love it! So cute, sassy and creative!

Anna from Motherly Law