Friday, February 4, 2011

A project I've been meaning to share

This is a project I've been meaning to share since the holidays and kept forgetting to post. This year just before the holidays my husband told me he was going to {make} a present for our daughter for Christmas. Now while this may not seem strange to some of you, it was a TOTAL and COMPLETE SHOCK to me. You see, my hubbs is NOT a crafty guy, he's just not into that type of thing....but when he said he had a plan I was sooo excited to see what he had in mind.

well a quick trip to home depot for a piece of board and some cool paint and he was all set to create. He printed off a stencil and went to work with our scroll saw....I was so impressed!

His design turned out just perfect for our daughter and she LOVED it!

What was the last thing you made for fun?

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MidGaPeach said...

this is pretty cool! way to go hubbs!..... The last thing I made for fun. Let's see, other than the burp cloths and tutus I made at Christmas, or the blankets I'm making now for babies..... o i know... a wreath for my front door! My hubby cut out a "C" (for my last name) and I painted it teal with big white polka dots. Then tied it to a grapevine wreath and added silk flowers! Super cute!