Thursday, August 12, 2010

A little bit about how designs wind up in the circlelinestudio collection

My husband and I were just on holiday in Munich a couple weeks ago. While sitting outside Starbucks one morning relaxing while we waited for the markets to set up. He asked, "do you have a streetlamp?"
I said, "no, but I've been meaning to get one drawn up and added"..
all the while we're sitting outside looking at the great streat lamps across the street.
Once we finished our drinks, we headed over to take a few photo's...which was the beginning of my new design.

Then while in Austria, I found myself taking more pictures of streelamps.

After we got home, I received a conversation request on Etsy for a antique style streetlamp...which inspired me to get moving along with the plan to get a streetlamp into the circlelinestudio collection. Which became one of the new designs in the circlelinestudio collection.

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