Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting back on track with my daughter's room

I got started on my daughter's room a while ago. We picked out the perfect colors to suit her personality, picked up a comforter to coordinate, started adding a few things here and there but never really got to decorating the room.

I just got started again and have been working on one small corner. I found a fun canvas at target that suited her perfectly. She's a dancer, so the text on the canvas was perfect.

"FLY high on the
wings of music
There is freedom
in movement...
a gift you give

...and while I loved the canvas, I felt the wall needed a bit of a flourish for the design. I worked up a custom design to fit around the canvas piece. I tucked a pair of dancers into the design as well as a little bird.

Now to move on to the next section!

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