Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make it fun, Make it yourself, Make it meaningful

By getting an early start and letting yourself or your family be creative you'll find all kinds of ways to create meaningful, fun gifts.

I'm putting together some fun ideas that my kids can use as inexpensive fun gifts for their friends this holiday season.

My daughter is a jewelry junkie. She loves the bling! So this will be a fun project that she can do with supplies we have around the house.

So this week we'll be making scrabble tile necklaces for her to use as holiday gifts for her friends. I'm sure you've seen these, they're all over the internet. But you don't have to feel limited to scabble necklaces, these would make cute key chains, just use your imagination

Supplies we'll need.
Paper, scrabble tiles, scissors, craft glue, mod podge, paint brush, xacto knife, diamond glaze, E-6000 glue and jewelry bails.

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