Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In the studio working on a couple new designs

By the end of the week I plan to have a couple new design listed in the etsy store. Until then, I'm frantically scrambling to get life in order. We're all still adjusting to the new schedules, kids buses, school, vet appts, household errands, circlelinestudio work. I pulled up to my sons bus stop yesterday morning only to see the bus pulling out ahead of us....so off we drove to the school 10 miles away. Today requires a trip to the mall for a button down dress shirt for him to wear to a engineering club meeting on Wednesday night. I'm ashamed to say my son does not have a button down dress shirt, he's out grown the last one we bought and it's been so long since he wore it, I didn't even notice. So I'm off to the mall...which is way the heck across town. After that I'm home to process orders, and DESIGN!

I've got dinner planned and after yesterdays trip to the grocery store we actually have food in the house ready to be cooked into an actual meal.

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