Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buttons, Ribbon, Wire and fabric

I have got a plan. While I was at home depot today loading up my big cart with even more 2x4's...I was struck with an idea. So while I was there I grabbed a big roll of wire . I have a big selection of ribbons, buttons and fabric to work with thanks to my sil's who run "the olde world quilt shoppe" in Phoenix. Hopefully I can pull this all together in a way that captures my idea.

I hope to share some images in the morning! HOPE being the key word. I have a busy night ahead.

On a side note....if by chance you're in the Phoenix area you have got to stop by "the olde world quilt shoppe" and check out their Christmas in July sale this week....I'm tempted to hop in the car for a road trip myself. If you haven't had a chance check out their website..

I know they are working on their website, so if your looking for something special and don't see it, send them an email and I bet they can help. They have the best quilt shop I have ever seen.

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